Faculty of Fine Arts

Department of Music
Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dancehall
FA/MUSI 1570 6.0

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   1932   Lionel Belasco Depression-Pasillo
   1933   Gerald Clark & His Night OwlsCarmelita
   1934   Atilla The Hun Graf Zeppelin Atilla The Hun
   1934   Bill Rogers West Indian Weed Woman
   1934   Lion Wanga
   1934   RounderWilmoth Houdini War Declaration Richard K. Spottswood
   1935   Keskidee Trio Congo Bara
   1935   Neville Marcano Marabella Wedding
   1936   Gerald Clark Si-O-No-Valse
   1936   King Radio Neighbor
   1936   Neville Marcano Point Cumana
   1936   Neville Marcano Bandandea
   1937   Caresser John Thomas
   1937   ExecutorMy Reply To Houdini
   1937   Lord Executor and The CaresserOld Ginger
   1938   Atilla The Hun I Don't Want No Bungalow
   1938   Codallo's Top Hatters OrchestrI Want To Build A Bungalow
   1938   Cyril Montrose String OrchestrTres Bemoles-Valse
   1938   Harmony Kings' OrchestraAnything For Love Tango Calypso
   1938   Lion Vitalogy
   1938   Lion I Am Going To Buy A Bungalow Ralph Perez
   1938   Lion It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
   1938   RounderRoaring Lion Ba Boo La La Richard K. Spottswood
   1939   Atilla The Hun Freddo
   1939   Baptist Song Roll Jordan Roll
   1939   Baptist Song Peter Was A Fisheman
   1939   BongI Want A Pretty Woman
   1939   BongoMureau Mureau The Devil
   1939   Bongo Zutula Dead
   1939   Bongo De Night A De Wake
   1939   Bongo You Bad And You Bad
   1939   Carnival Ou Bel Marie Coolie
   1939   Carnival John Gilman Want Tobacco
   1939   Carnival We Don't Want Rice
   1939   Carnival (Sailors) Texas Sailor Coming Down
   1939   Carnival (Wild Indian) Ine Ine Katuke
   1939   Ekun Ara Wa Explanation Of Ye!
   1939   Fisheman's Song Yard-O Yaddo
   1939   Gerald Clark La Rosa Valse
   1939   Growler In The Dew And The Rain
   1939   Growler High Brown
   1939   King Radio It's The Rhythm We Want
   1939   King Radio John O'Carr
   1939   RounderQuadrille You Know One Joseph Keeba Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderQuadrille When Me Baby Born O Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderReel The Bay Road Girls They Have No PrideDonald R. Hill
   1939   RounderReel Buccoo Bay Young Girl Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderReel (Passe) Congo Justina Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderReel-Quadrille Donnie Willie Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderSankeyWhat A Friend We Have In JesusDonald R. Hill
   1939   RounderSankey Into ShoutJesus Lover Of My Soul Donald R. Hill
   1939   Sentimental Song Paulie Say She Lofe Me
   1939   Sentimental Song I Wish I Was A Little Fish
   1939   RounderShango E-Ajo Ajo (Adjo ADJo) Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderShango Eshu BaraDonald R. Hill
   1939   RounderShango Invocation Donald R. Hill
   1939   The Old Song Oh Send She Back
   1939   RounderYorubaIkubo (Song For The Dead)Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderYorubaEnyin Olowo (In Herskovits Not)Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderYoruba (Fertility)Sunmo Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderYoruba (Merriment) Ye Ekun Ara We Lami Sun Donald R. Hill
   1939   RounderYoruba (Oya)Yan Mi Yan Mi (In Herskovits NDonald R. Hill
   1939   RounderYoruba (War) Ye! IwoDonald R. Hill

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